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Rice, William M.

William M. Rice first came to Texas in 1834 and settled in what is now Nacogdoches County, where he was involved in frontier defense and served as an Alcalde in the Mexican Government. He served in the Texas Revolution and was wounded in the Battle at San Jacinto. He and his wife, Mariah, later live....

Historical Marker - Azle.

Bailey, James Briton

(1779-1833) Pioneer Texan noted for his courage, integrity, and eccentric behavior. Came to Texas in 1818 with wife and six children. He settled on what came to be "Bailey's Prairie". Joined Stephen F. Austin's colony, 1824. Bailey became a captain in the local militia. Fought in battles preceding 1....

Historical Marker - Bailey's Prairie.

Stem, Isaac Phillip

(1819-1893) Tennessee native Isaac Phillip Stem enlisted in the Western Frontier Service in that state in 1836. In October 1836 he moved to Texas and joined the Republic of Texas army at Houston. Continuing to serve in the military, Stem was a participant in the Battle of Plum Creek on August 1, 184....

Historical Marker - Bald Prairie.

Runnels County Courthouse

Constructed here, 1888-89, after hotly contested battle with Runnels City for county seat. (County had been organized 1880.) Structure stands on one of largest courthouse squares in Texas -- 2 city blocks. Plot set aside prior to town lot sale by Santa Fe Railroad, June 29, 1886. In 1941, extensive ....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Texas Ranger Trail, Old

This winding, 100-mile trail from San Antonio to Kerrville was, during the 19th century, a strategic patrol road traveled by Texas Rangers to protect the surrounding area from hostile Indian attacks. During uneasy pioneer days roads such as this, regularly scouted by Rangers, helped promote early wh....

Historical Marker - Bandera.

Bluntzer, Nicholas

(October 29, 1835-September 5, 1901) A native of the French province of Alsace, Nicholas Bluntzer came to Texas at age nine with his parents and other Alsatian families led by colonizer Henri Castro. The Bluntzer family settled in DeWitt County, in an area along Coleto Creek which would become the t....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

McKay, Daniel

(October 16, 1814-October 9, 1889) Born in Maine. Came to Texas in 1834 with Sterling C. Robertson's Colony. Settled near Nashville. Participated in Battle of San Jacinto (Co. H, 1st Regt.) during the Texas War for Independence, 1836. In 1845 he married Jane Bryant, daughter of Benjamin Bryant. The ....

Historical Marker - Bartlett Vicinity.

Sayers, Confederate Major Joseph, D., Home Town of

Born Mississippi, came to Texas 1851. Enlisted here as private 1861. Adjutant 5th Texas Cavalry in Arizona-New Mexico Campaign to make Confederacy an ocean to ocean nation. At age 20 made captain for gallantry in Battle of Valverde. Organized Valverde Battery from cannons captured there. Commanded b....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Sayers, J. D., Governor

(September 23, 1841 - May 15, 1929) Joseph Draper Sayers moved to Bastrop with his father, Dr. David Sayers in 1851. His battlefield valor won him post of adjutant general of the Confederate Army in the Civil War. He married Ada Walton, and after Ada died, Orline (Lena) Walton. He was a Mason, a Met....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Hubbard - Trigg House

Built 1890 by Robert W. Hubbard, a Confederate veteran who fought in last battle of Civil war. Owned by Mrs. F. H. Birmingham, descendant. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark -1964.....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

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