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Gossett, Andrew Edwards

(1812-1890) Noted public official and soldier in Republic of Texas. Moved here from Tennessee in 1833 with wife Rhoda (Mulder); received large land grant from Mexico. Helped defend frontier in restless post-revolutionary period by serving in Texas Army. In 1836 he donated land for a townsite, naming....

Historical Marker - Crockett.

McGown, Andrew Jackson

(1816 -- 1870) Tennessee native Andrew Jackson McGown came to Texas in 1835 to fight with the Texas Army in the war for independence from Mexico. A participant in the Battle of San Jacinto, he later helped establish the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Texas, serving as a pioneer circuit rider unti....

Historical Marker - Crockett.

Gossett, Frank Mulder

(Aug. 25, 1892 -- Sept. 22, 1974) Houston County native Frank M. Gossett was the grandson of Andrew E. Gossett, Sr., donor of the Crockett townsite. A prominent local historian, Frank Gossett was a founder in 1922 of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, a group that later honored him as a Knight of Sa....

Historical Marker - Crockett.

Courthouses of Houston County

On June 12, 1837, President Sam Houston authorized the formation of Houston County, the first newly created county in the Republic of Texas. Andrew W. Gossett (1812-1890) donated land, which included this square, for the townsite. He and his father, Elijah, both veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto....

Historical Marker - Crockett.

Beazley, Charles Harrison

This site was originally part of a Republic of Texas land grant to Andrew Edwards Gossett, a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto. Around the turn of the century it became part of a real estate development which opened a new Crockett residential area. Charles Harrison Beazley (1850-1929) purchased t....

Historical Marker - Crockett.

Jackson, Humphrey

(November 24, 1784 - January 18, 1833) Educated in law, Humphrey Jackson left his native Ireland in 1808, during a period of political conflict. He migrated to the United States and settled on a sugar plantation in Louisiana. While there he served in the 1815 Battle of New Orleans. Unable to manage ....

Historical Marker - Crosby.

Mackenzie Trail, Main Supply Camp on Historic

Trail followed by Gen. Ranald Mackenzie, U.S. 4th Cavalry in 1871 frontier campaign. He camped at Dewey Lake after brush with Indians. In 1872, he was again ordered to ferret out the Comanches. From his main supply camp on Brazos River Freshwater Fork (now White River), he launched a drive against Q....

Historical Marker - Crosbyton.

Pease River Battlefield

In 1860, at the Battle of Pease River, Indian captive Cynthia Ann Parker and her daughter, Prairie Flower, were rescued by Texas Rangers under Captain L. S. Ross (later Governor of Texas). Cynthia Ann, most celebrated of all Comanche captives, had been taken at age 9 in a raid on Fort Parker, May 19....

Historical Marker - Crowell.

Harmon, Leonard Roy

Born in Cuero, Leonard Roy Harmon enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Houston in June 1939. After training in Norfolk, Virginia, he reported for duty on the cruiser "U.S.S. San Francisco" and advanced to mess attendant first class. During the World War II Battle of Guadalcanal, on November 12, 1942, a Japa....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

Taylor, Josiah

Born in Virginia. First came to Texas in 1812, as captain in the Gutierrez - Magee Expedition, an attempt to free Mexico from Spain; fought at La Bahia, Alazan, Rosales; wounded 7 times in the Battle of Medina. Returned to Texas with family, 1824; listed in Atascosita Census, 1826; settled here in G....

Historical Marker - Cuero.

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