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St. Mark's School Of Texas



Historical Markers


St. Mark's School Of Texas
 Dallas Dallas County Texas

St. Mark's School of Texas

" St. Mark's School of Texas St. Mark's School has its foundation in three 20th-century preparatory schools, each of which contributed to its high standards and national reputation for academic excellence. Founded in 1906 by educators Menter and Ada Terrill, the Terrill School opened in a Swiss Avenue home with 42 students. The Terrills were strict disciplinarians and demanded high levels of scholastic competence. The school attracted the sons of many of Dallas' prominent families. By the late 1920s, athletics had begun to replace academics as the primary focus, and in response, several Dallas families Began the Texas Country Day School for Boys to provide a strong academic preparatory education for their sons. When it opened with ten students and four faculty members in September 1933, Texas Country Day School was located two miles north of the Dallas city limits. With the post-World War II economic boom, this area became an affluent suburban neighborhood, and many of its youth attended Texas Country Day School. Meanwhile, the Cathedral School for Boys opened under the auspices of the Episcopal diocese of Dallas after the Terrill School closed in 1946. In 1949, negotiations to merge the Cathedral School and Texas Country Day School resulted in the formation of St. Mark's School of Texas, which held its first classes in September 1950 on the former Texas Country Day School campus. In the last half of the 20th century, St. Mark's School solidified its place in Texas' educational history as a significant college preparatory institution through expanded facilities and exemplary faculty, which led to increased enrollment and solid financial support.

10600 Preston Rd Dallas, Texas

Dallas County

Year Erected: 2002

Marker Type: 27 in x 42 in