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Texas Ghost Towns

Beck's Chapel

BECK'S CHAPEL, TEXAS . Beck's Chapel was off Farm Road 59 eleven miles south of Athens in southern Henderson County. It was founded in the late 1840s by David A. Anding and his family and was evidently named for an early church. A local school was operating by 1906, when it had an enrollment of fort....

Ghosttown - Beck's Chapel.


BELCHERVILLE, TEXAS . Belcherville is at the intersection of U.S. Highway 82 and Farm Road 1816, fifteen miles northwest of Montague in northwestern Montague County. The settlement was first called Belcher, after John and Alex Belcher, area ranchers and landowners, but was renamed Belcherville by 18....

Ghosttown - Belcherville.


BELGRADE, TEXAS . Belgrade is on Farm Road 1416 in east central Newton County, about one mile west of the Sabine River and sixty miles northeast of Beaumont. Indians who called the place Biloxi, either in memory of a visit to the Mississippi town of that name or in reference to their group name, onc....

Ghosttown - Belgrade.

Belle Plain

BELLE PLAIN, TEXAS (Callahan County). Belle Plain, six miles southeast of Baird in Callahan County, was established in 1876. Nelson M. Smith purchased state school land for the site in 1875 and laid out a town with wide streets and a designated business district. The site was intended to become a co....

Ghosttown - Belle Plain .

Ben Ficklin

FICKLIN, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN(1827-1871). Ben Ficklin, Civil War blockade runner and stage operator, son of Benjamin and Ellen (Slaughter) Ficklin, was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, on December 18, 1827. He entered Virginia Military Institute on July 7, 1845, and even though he was temporarily ki....

Ghosttown - Ben Ficklin .


BENOIT, TEXAS . Benoit was on U.S. Highway 67 and the Santa Fe Railroad twelve miles northeast of Ballinger in east central Runnels County. The community was started in 1886 and named Norwood, but with the establishment of a local post office in 1906 it was renamed for J. Benoit, an early settler. W....

Ghosttown - Benoit.


BENTON, TEXAS . Benton, also known as Benton City, was on Atascosa Creek twenty-five miles northwest of Jourdanton in Atascosa County. Its site is within the current city limits of Lytle. Benton was settled in 1876 and had a post office from that year to 1929. The community may have been named for T....

Ghosttown - Benton.

Berg's Mill

BERG'S MILL, TEXAS . Berg's Mill (Mills) was on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway near San Juan Capistrano Mission, eight miles south of downtown San Antonio in southern Bexar County. The settlement grew up around the ruined buildings of the first wool-washing mill in the area. It was named f....

Ghosttown - Berg's Mill.


BETHANY, TEXAS (Panola County). Bethany is on the Louisiana state line and U.S. Highway 79 twenty-two miles northeast of Carthage in northeastern Panola County. The site was first settled around 1840. The community, which grew up as a stopping point for settlers moving to Texas from the Old South, w....

Ghosttown - Bethany.


BEVILPORT, TEXAS . Bevilport (Bevelport) is on Farm Road 2799 and the east bank of the Angelina River nine miles west of Jasper in northwestern Jasper County. It was named for John Bevil , but it should not be confused with the Bevil, Texas, that became Jasper. Bevilport was a river-navigation point....

Ghosttown - Bevilport.

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