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ATASCOSITO ROAD . The Atascosito or Atascosita Road, established by the Spanish before 1757 as a military highway to East Texas ( see ??SPANISH TEXAS ), took its name from Atascosito, a Spanish settlement and military outpost on the Trinity River near the site of what is now Liberty, Texas. The road....

Ghosttown - Atascosito .


COLEMAN, THOMAS ATLEE(1860-1923). Thomas Atlee (Little Tom) Coleman, rancher, son of Margaretta Susan (Atlee) and Thomas Matthew (Big Tom) Coleman , was born on June 5, 1860, in Goliad, Texas, and educated at the universities of Tennessee and Virginia. His father and paternal grandfather, Youngs Lev....

Ghosttown - Atlee.


ATOY, TEXAS . Atoy is a rural community on Farm Road 343 and near Atoy Creek eight miles east of Rusk in eastern Cherokee County. The area was first settled in the 1840s, but a community did not develop there until after the Civil War . An Atoy post office operated in 187071, and a school was in ope....

Ghosttown - Atoy .


AUGUSTA, TEXAS . Augusta is on Farm Road 227 sixteen miles northeast of Crockett in northeastern Houston County. The town was reportedly named for Augusta Smith, daughter of a pioneer settler. Daniel McLean, a member of the Guti?rrez-Magee expedition , established what is thought to be the first hom....

Ghosttown - Augusta.


AYR, TEXAS . Ayr, in Deaf Smith County, was established in January 1890 when the Fort Worth and Denver City Railway sent a party of fifteen surveyors under Robert E. Montgomery and H. H. Granger to survey a projected spur from Washburn southwest through the center of the county. The purpose of the s....

Ghosttown - Ayr.

Baby Head

BABY HEAD, TEXAS . Baby Head is on State Highway 16 near Babyhead Mountain, ten miles north of Llano in north central Llano County. A post office was established there in 1879 with Shelby Walling as postmaster; the post office was closed in 19-18. Baby Head was at one time the site of an election an....

Ghosttown - Baby Head.


BABYLON, TEXAS . Babylon was midway between Dawson and Purdon, seventeen miles southwest of Corsicana in western Navarro County. It was founded by former slaves who around 1895 established a church that they named for the ancient city of Babylon because of its biblical associations; a school was in ....

Ghosttown - Babylon .

Back City

BACK, TEXAS. Back, originally Pumpkin Ridge, is a rural community at the junction of State Highway 273 and Farm Road 1321, in eastern Gray County. The area was first settled by farmers in the late 1890s. In October 1899 a post office was opened there and named Northfork because of its proximity to t....

Ghosttown - Back City.


BADGER, TEXAS . Badger was located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad northeast of the present Judkins switch in south central Ector County. The station was established on the Texas and Pacific Railway in 1926, and the settlement profited from an oil boom in the late 1920s. Its population reached 200 ....

Ghosttown - Badger.


BAKERSFIELD, TEXAS . Bakersfield is at the intersection of Interstate Highway 10 and Farm Road 11, thirty-six miles east of Fort Stockton and nine miles south of the Pecos River in eastern Pecos County. It was named for J. T. Baker, a promoter who hoped to develop the townsite in 1929 after the disc....

Ghosttown - Bakersfield.

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