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Texas Ghost Towns


CAMBRIDGE, TEXAS . Cambridge, three miles northeast of Henrietta, was once the principal community and retail center for Clay County. The settlement developed in the early 1870s, and in 1875 it received postal service. A year later the United States Army opened a telegraph office there, and three ye....

Ghosttown - Cambridge.


CAMDEN, TEXAS (Gregg County). Camden, also known as Walling's Ferry, was on the south bank of the Sabine River, just north of the site of what is now Easton in the extreme southeastern corner of Gregg County. It was among the earliest settlements in the county. The community grew up around a Sabine ....

Ghosttown - Camden.

Camp Colorado

CAMP COLORADO . In 1855 Camp Colorado was probably temporarily at a site near what is now Ebony, in Mills County. In August 1856, Troops A and F and United States Cavalry under Maj. Earl Van Dorn moved the camp to Mukewater Creek about six miles north of the Colorado River, on the route between Fort....

Ghosttown - Camp Colorado.

Camp San Saba

CAMP SAN SABA . When the Civil War began, federal troops pulled out of frontier posts, and state companies of mounted volunteers organized to protect settlers from Indian raids. One or more of these companies established a camp on the San Saba River at what was probably the site of an earlier ranger....

Ghosttown - Camp San Saba.

Camp Verde

CAMP VERDE . Camp Verde, a United States Army frontier post, was established on July 8, 1855, on the northern bank of Verde Creek three miles outside of Bandera Pass in southern Kerr County. In 1856 the camp was headquarters for forty camels sent by Secretary of War Jefferson Davis to be used in a s....

Ghosttown - Camp Verde .


NUESTRA SE?ORA DE LA CANDELARIA MISSION . Nuestra Se?ora de la Candelaria, the third of three San Xavier missions , which also included San Ildefonso and San Francisco Xavier de Horcasitas, qwas founded by the College of Santa Cruz de Quer?taro under the leadership of Father Mariano Francisco de los....

Ghosttown - Candelaria.


CAPITOLA, TEXAS . Capitola was on the old Menard road between State Highway 29 and the Llano River in northwestern Mason County. It was settled in the early 1890s. Its post office was established in 1894, and the postmistress, Sarah E. Jenkins, named the town Capitola, supposedly after one of the mo....

Ghosttown - Capitola.


CARLTON, TEXAS . Carlton, at the junction of Farm roads 2-19, 1744, and 2823, in northwestern Hamilton County, was settled in 1877 by H. H. Armstrong on land belonging to J. M. Evans and Dr. F. M. Carlton. The Honey Creek post office was moved from the Malone gin in 1879 and named after Dr. Carlton.....

Ghosttown - Carlton.

Carta Valley

CARTA VALLEY, TEXAS . Carta Valley is on U.S. Highway 377 thirty-two miles southwest of Rocksprings in southwestern Edwards County. The community is named for its location in a valley surrounded by bluffs and for Ed Carta, an early settler. Settlers arrived in the area in 1898, and land was allotted....

Ghosttown - Carta Valley.


CARTER, TEXAS (Parker County). Carter was ten miles north of Weatherford in north central Parker County. It was established by Judge W. F. Carter and two partners, T. Parkinson, and H. C. Vardy, in 186667. The three men built a flour mill near the banks of Clear Fork Creek and added a cotton gin wit....

Ghosttown - Carter.

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