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BULLOCK, HENRY ALLEN(1906-1973). Henry Allen Bullock, first black professor appointed to the faculty of arts and sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, was born on May 2, 1906, in Tarboro, North Carolina, the son of Jessie and Aurelia Bullock. He attended local schools and graduated from Vir....

Ghosttown - Bullock.


BULLOCK, TEXAS. Bullock, a settlement around a station on the Wichita Falls and Southern Railway, was on what is now Farm Road 61 five miles west of Graham in central Young County. The school and railroad switch were named for John Crittendon Bullock, on whose ranch the station was built. During the....

Ghosttown - Bullock.

Bunker Hill

BUNKER HILL, TEXAS. Bunker Hill, on State Highway 62 in southeastern Jasper County thirty-three miles northeast of Beaumont, was named for the Massachusetts hill of Revolutionary War fame. After the construction of the Orange and Northwestern Railway from Orange to Buna in 1902, a loading switch was....

Ghosttown - Bunker Hill.


BURKETT, TEXAS . Burkett, on State Highway 206 in northeastern Coleman County, was named in 1886 for its first postmaster, William Burkett. The original name, Pleasant Valley, was rejected by the post office. The first settlers were cowboys of the McClennan ranch, who secured land in the area and es....

Ghosttown - Burkett.


BUSHDALE, TEXAS . Bushdale, near Farm Road 908 three miles northwest of Rockdale in southern Milam County, was supposedly named for the area vegetation. Its early settlers were of German descent. In 1903 Bushdale had a one-teacher school for fifty-seven students. The school, a business, and several ....

Ghosttown - Bushdale.


BYSPOT, TEXAS . Byspot was eighteen miles southeast of Coldspring in southwestern San Jacinto County. The post office, established in 1899, was called Teddy. About 1903, however, J. O. H. Bennett changed the community's name to Byspot, a name derived from spelling his wife Topsy's name backwards and....

Ghosttown - Byspot.


MITTIE STEPHENS . The loss of the sidewheel steamboat Mittie Stephens took place on the dark night of February 12, 1869, in Caddo Lake near the Texas-Louisiana border. Sixty-one people perished out of 107 passengers and crew members. The vessel was built in Madison, Indiana, in 1863 and served as a ....

Ghosttown - Caddo.


CAESAR, TEXAS . Caesar is on Farm Road 798 eight miles northwest of Pettus in northern Bee County. It was originally called Wolfe's Neighborhood after Peter Wolfe, who settled in the area before 1876. The name was changed to Caesar in the early 1900s, when R. L. Peevy built the first store there and....

Ghosttown - Caesar .

Calf Creek

CALF CREEK, TEXAS . Calf Creek is on Farm Road 1311 twelve miles southwest of Brady in southwestern McCulloch County. It has had three names and three locations. The first site was two miles south of the present community and was known as Deland, named for a family who moved to the area from Kansas ....

Ghosttown - Calf Creek.


CALLIHAM, TEXAS . Calliham, originally known as Guffeyola, is on State Highway 72 eleven miles east of Tilden in northwestern McMullen County. The settlement was originally named for Hiram Harvey McGuffey, who owned a store on the site; in 1923 the community was renamed for Joseph Thomas Calliham, a....

Ghosttown - Calliham.

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