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Texas Ghost Towns


BUCARELI . Bucareli was a Spanish settlement on the Trinity River, probably near the Robbins Ferry crossing of the river in Madison County, north of Midway. Dissatisfied Spanish colonists ordered from their East Texas homes as a result of the report of the Marqu?s de Rub? lived for a brief time in S....

Ghosttown - Bucareli .


BUCHANAN, JAMES PAUL(1867-1937). James Paul Buchanan was born in Midway, Orangeburg County, South Carolina, on April 30, 1867. That year his parents moved to Washington County, Texas, where he attended school and grew to manhood. He completed his education in law at the University of Texas in 1889. ....

Ghosttown - Buchanan.


BUCKNER, TEXAS (Collin County). Buckner, the original county seat of Collin County, was three miles northwest of the site of present McKinney. Settlement began in the early 1840s when John McGarrah arrived from Arkansas to claim a headright of 640 acres. McGarrah opened a trading post to serve the g....

Ghosttown - Buckner .


BUCKSNORT, TEXAS . Bucksnort, originally Jarrett Menefee's Supply Station, was located on a 320-acre prairie owned by Thomas J. Chambers in what is now east central Falls County. The settlement, about five miles northeast of the falls on the Brazos River below the rebuilt Fort Milam, which provided ....

Ghosttown - Bucksnort.

Buena Vista

BUENA VISTA, TEXAS (Shelby County). Buena Vista is near the junction of Farm roads 1645 and 2026, twelve miles northwest of Center in northwestern Shelby County. The community was originally called Bucksnort when it began to form in the early 1830s; it was renamed Buena Vista when it received a post....

Ghosttown - Buena Vista.

Buena Vista

BUENA VISTA, TEXAS (Ellis County). Buena Vista was on Farm Road 1446 six miles west of Waxahachie in western Ellis County. Its name, Spanish for "good view," derives from its hilltop location. By 1894 it had a school with eighty-six pupils. From 1915 to 1945 its school offered grades one through nin....

Ghosttown - Buena Vista.


BUFFALO, TEXAS (Henderson County). Buffalo, the first county seat of Henderson County, was built on a high bluff on the Trinity River. During the Republic of Texas era, a group of hunters killed buffalo in what is now Navarro County and dragged and rafted them down to the site of Buffalo. John P. Mo....

Ghosttown - Buffalo.

Bug Tussle

BUG TUSSLE, TEXAS . Bug Tussle is at the junction of Farm Road 1550 and State Highway 34, ten miles south of Honey Grove and five miles north of Ladonia in southeastern Fannin County. The community was initially called Truss, after John Truss, who settled there. It was founded in the 1890s and had a....

Ghosttown - Bug Tussle.


BULAH, TEXAS . Bulah, on Farm Road 23 eight miles southwest of Rusk in southwestern Cherokee County, was established before 1900. In 1940 the predominantly black community had a population of twenty-five, a store, and a union church and school. Most of the residents subsequently moved out of the are....

Ghosttown - Bulah.


BULCHER, TEXAS . Bulcher is twenty-seven miles northwest of Gainesville in northwestern Cooke County. In 1872 John A. Dennis moved his family to the site, and they are considered the earliest homesteaders in the area. Later settlers included John Scanland, who donated property for the Scanland Cemet....

Ghosttown - Bulcher .

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