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Mount Arie (Mount Ararat) Missionary Baptist Church

Bartlett was a small farming community in 1898. Black American laborers arrived each fall for the cotton harvest. Thomas Sanders and Nelson Secret and their families called the Reverend F. E. Garrett of Temple to help them establish Mount Arie Missionary Baptist Church in June 1898. Among the first ....

Historical Marker - Bartlett.

Bastrop County Fort, Early, Site of

In the late 1820s a group of families settled in this area as a part of Stephen F. Austin's second colony. Included in this group were the Winslow Turner, Stephan Cottle, and Ahijah M. Highsmith families, who came to Texas from Lincoln County, Missouri. They were later joined by other families, incl....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church

According to local tradition this site was used by area slaves for gathering purposes. Silvie Story, William Hill, Martha Young, Paulie Johnson, Grant McBride, and Martha J. Hill organized this church in 1864 with the help of the Rev. Joshua Brice. Early baptisms took place in the Colorado River. By....

Historical Marker - Bastrop.

Mother Zion Missionary Baptist Church

The Rev. Basil Tolson, an African American farmer in eastern Matagorda county, joined with his neighbors in 1887 to form a Baptist congregation which they named Mount Zion Baptist Church. Tolson was elected pastor, and served the congregation until he moved to Bay City in 1905. In 1906 Tolson led a ....

Historical Marker - Bay City.

Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church

Tradition holds that slaves from nearby plantations once gathered together in worship in the Lower Caney Creek area. These men and women continued their services after the close of the Civil War and by 1885 acquired land at this site. Under the Rev. Anthony Morton (Martin), church members built a sa....

Historical Marker - Bay City.

First Berean Missionary Baptist Church

"First Berean Missionary Baptist Church The congregation of the First Berean Missionary Baptist Church began formally meeting after emancipation in 1865. Members held worship services in homes, under trees and in a local school before building their first house of worship. The church grew around the....

Historical Marker - Bay City.

Little River Fort

A stockade and blockhouse of the Republic of Texas. Built in November, 1836, by a unit of some 20 Rangers under Lt. George B. Erath (soldier-statesman for whom Erath County was named). By Christmas they had erected 7 or 8 cabins, a blockhouse and a picket stockade, which enclosed about 1/2 acre of l....

Historical Marker - Belton Vicinity.

Fort Griffin

Site of a picket fort on Little River commonly called Fort Griffin; also known as Fort Smith and Little River Fort. Erected by Geo. B. Erath and 20 Texas Rangers in November, 1836 as a protection against Indians. Abandoned as a military post before the Santa Fe Expedition camped here, June 24-29, 18....

Historical Marker - Belton Vicinity.

Black's Fort

Built as a defense against the Indians in 1851 by William Black (1815-1907) on land owned by him. In the stockade, constructed of cedar logs, sentries were kept on guard on moonlight nights. Guns and ammunition for public use were kept here. Abandoned in 1868.....

Historical Marker - Bertram.

Fort Inglish, Vicinity of

(exact original location unknown) Spot where settlement of town of Bonham began. On 1,250-acre land grant of Texas Republic to Bailey Inglish (1797-1867), former Miller County, Ark., sheriff who led train of settlers traveling by oxcart to this site in 1837. Here they built a log stockade and blockh....

Historical Marker - Bonham.

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