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Texas Forts, Missions and Outpost

Fort Phantom Hill, C.S.A.

Located 10 miles east, 9 miles south on Old Butterfield Stageline. Upon secession, company of First Regiment Texas Mounted Rifles used it as an outpost to give protection against Indians. Stopover on way west for some Union sympathizers and people wanting to avoid conflict of war. In 1862 the fronti....

Historical Marker - Anson.

Fort Phantom Hill, 8.6 Miles South to

Established November 14, 1851 by the United States Army as a protection of the settlers against the Indians. Abandoned and burned April 6, 1854. Repaired and used by Southern Overland Mail, 1858-1861, sub-post of Fort Griffin, 1871-1872, temporary county seat of Jones County in 1881.....

Historical Marker - Anson Vicinity.

Fort Phantom Hill

Established November 14, 1851, as unit in chain of forts from Red River to Rio Grande, to defend frontier settlers and west-bound 49ers. Officially "Post on Clear Fork of the Brazos", everyday name became "Phantom Hill," either from prevalent mirages or sighting of ghostly Indian in moonlight. Aband....

Historical Marker - Anson Vicinity.

Bird's Fort

Established in 1840 by Jonathan Bird on the Military Rd. from Red River to Austin. In its vicinity an important Indian treaty, marking the line between the Indians and the white settlements, was signed September 29, 1843, by Edward H. Tarrant and George W. Terrell, representing the Republic of Texas....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Bird's Fort

In an effort to attract settlers to the region and to provide protection from Indian raids, Gen. Edward H. Tarrant of the Republic of Texas Militia authorized Jonathan Bird to establish a settlement and military post in the area. Bird's Fort, built near a crescent-shaped lake one mile east in 1841, ....

Historical Marker - Arlington.

Fort Magruder, C.S.A.

"Fort Magruder, C.S.A. During the Civil War, Fort Magruder was built near here west of Congress Avenue. Named for Gen. John Bankhead Magruder, commander of Texas Confederate forces, it was one of three forts planned to protect Austin from a possible Union attack from the coast. In the winter of 1863....

Historical Marker - Austin.

Avalon Missionary Baptist Church

Originally known as Mt. Nebo Baptist Church, this congregation was organized on July 6, 1879, by elders Josiah Leake and S.C. Talley and 16 charter members: J.C., Isabel, and Sarah Martin; W.L. Pierce; J.P. and M.F. Giles; William Hendricks; William and N.L. John; M.E. Ratliff; M.K. Yarbrough; R.F. ....

Historical Marker - Avalon.

San Clemente Mission

The first mission known to have been established in Texas east of the Pecos River, San Clemente was a hastily built, two-room structure located on a hill about 17 miles south of present Ballinger. (Some historians place the site farther south, near Junction.) Although earlier than the great Spanish ....

Historical Marker - Ballinger.

Fort Lipantitlan, On this Site Stood

Occupied in 1831 by soldiers of the Mexican army to prevent further Anglo-American colonization in Texas. Captured November 4, 1835 by volunteers under Captain Ira Westover. Unsuccessfully attacked June 7, 1842 by 700 men under Gen. Antonio Canales while defended by 192 men under General James Davis....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

Fort Lipantitlan

Occupied in 1831 by soldiers of the Mexican army. Captured November 4, 1835 by volunteers under Capt. Ira Westover. Unsuccessfully attacked June 7, 1842 by an army under Gen. Antonio Canales.....

Historical Marker - Banquete.

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