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San Jacinto Plaza

In 1857, W. T. Smith sold his property which he called the "town of El Paso" for $6500.00. The buyers were J. S. and H. S. Gillette, J. F. Crosby, J. W. Morton and V. St. Vrain; they had it surveyed by Anson Mills. The map showed downtown El Paso much as it is today, including a public square which they donated to the future city of El Paso, Incorporated in 1873. This plot of ground, a haven for the weary traveler, has seen and heard the life of this area march by since Spanish colonial times. It saw rumbling ox-drawn carts, the first U.S. soldiers, covered wagons. Then Jeff Davis's Camel Corps, stage coaches, the blast of six-guns and the first locomotive whistles, and law and order emerging. The years brought concerts, political and patriotic speeches, presidents visiting and marching soldiers of our wars. It was designated "The Plaza" by the 1889 city fathers, but the 1902 council permanently and officially named it San Jacinto Plaza. Presented by The State National Bank of El Paso, Texas 30 July 1965

El Paso, Texas

El Paso County

Year Erected: 1985

Marker Type: State Approved

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