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Veterans Memorial

(BACK) In memory of Tapley Holland, John Camp Goodrich, Alfred Calvin Grimes, Martyrs of the Alamo; Anderson Buffington, Benjamin Fort Smith, Heroes of San Jacinto; Francis Holland, Michael Kennard, John F. Martin, Dr. Verplank Ackerman, William P. Zuber, Soldiers in the Army, 1836; Robert Holman Dunham who was massacred in Mexico, 1842; Kenneth Lewis Anderson, Vice President of the Republic, who died in Anderson, July 3, 1845; William Carley, Veteran of the Mexican War, 1846; And all other pioneers who lived in this vicinity during the days of the Republic. (FRONT) In memory of Colonel Benjamin Fort Smith, Dr. Robert C. Neblett, Veterans of The War of 1812; Colonel Benjamin F. Smith, Veteran of the Black Hawk War, 1832; Jared E. Groce, Joshua Hadley, William Robinson, delegates to the First Convention of Texas, 1832; Jared E. Groce, Francis Holland, Jesse Grimes, delegates to the Second Convention of Texas, 1833; Joshua Hadley, Dr. George M. Patrick, delegates to the Consultation, 1835; Benjamin Briggs Goodrich, Jesse Grimes, signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, 1836; Francis Holland, Anthony Drew Kennard, soldiers in the Army, 1835; Sarah Rudolph Dodson, who made a flag for a military company, Army of Texas, 1835.

Anderson, Texas

Grimes County

Year Erected: 1936

Marker Type: Memorial

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