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Sterling, Governor Ross Shaw, Birthplace

(1875-1949) Governor of Texas 1931-33, during critical years of the Depression. Born and reared on family farm here. As a youth hoeing these fields, learned to stay ahead by taking "3 or 4 licks" while others took 2. followed this vigorous philosophy throughout life. In 1898 he married Maud Abbie Gage; had 5 children. In 1910 bought 2 wells which he developed into the Humble Oil & Refining Company in 1917. Then entered real estate development in Houston, 1925: bought the Houston "Dispatch" and "Post," forerunners of present Houston "Post." As head of Texas Highway Commission, 1927-30, achieved great reforms in roads programs. His term as governor saw forceful handling of crises of the times. He called a special session of the Legislature to deal with over-production in agriculture. Also put teeth into measures to control oil production by placing 4 counties under martial law following violations of conservation rules. When he returned to private life, his fortune had been lost. Undaunted, he launched the Sterling Oil & Refining Company and eventually was head of other major businesses. Philanthropies included gift of his La Porte estate as a boys' home, founding of boys' camp and donations to Texas Christian University.

Anahuac, Texas

Chambers County

Year Erected: 1970

Marker Type: 27 in x 42 in

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