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Pearce Chapel - Strip Cemetery

The only landmark of the Strip Community, named for its location on a 1.5 by 15-mile strip of land opened to homesteaders in the 1890s. William Houston Pearce (1844-1926) moved into the area in 1895 and started a school, called "Round-Top", or "Strip". Small groups began to worship in the schoolhouse, and one congregation formed Pearce Chapel Methodist Church. F. E. Andrews (1857-1898) gave a cemetery tract in 1898, and late that year his was the first grave. Strip Post Office opened in 1904 with Postmaster Jerry W. Turner handling the mail in his home. In 1906, a Union Church was built near the cemetery site, which was purchased by public subscription in 1907, in order to clear the title. In 1910 the Strip Post Office closed after service was made available in Abernathy. The school and church buildings were moved to Lakeview in succeeding years, but this cemetery continues to be used. By 1973 it had 180 graves. War veterans buried here include two Confederate soldiers, James E. Fitzgerald and William Houston Pearce; World War I veterans George W. Fitzgerald, George Harkness, and Leroy Mahagan; World War II veterans Thomas L. Goldston, Harvey Shelby Pittman, and John Fred Sherman. 1974

Abernathy, Texas

Hale County

Year Erected: 1974

Marker Type: 27" x 42"

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